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Seed Funded Projects

IITB Scheme

  • Must have consortium partner as coPI.
  • 1 year, maximum of 5 lakhs.
  1. Goldcluster-Liposomes hybrid nanoparticles as theranostic agents for cancer. Rinti Banerjee/Rohit Srivastava (IITB) & Abhijit De (TMC)
  2. Role of p53 aggregation and amyloid formation in human cancer. Samir Maji (IITB) & P. R. Chaudhari (TMC)
  3. Proteomics and imaging analysis for the identification of biomarkers of gliomas. Sanjeeva Srivastava (IITB) & A. Moiyadi (TMC)
  4. Biochemical and nutritional characterization of tender coconut water and its shelf life extension. N. G. Shah (IITB) & S. Dandekar (KEM)
  5. A data analysis platform for NGS analysis. Santosh Noronha (IITB) & Dutt/Shirsat/Mulherkar (TMC)
  6. Collection of serum samples from patients with complicated malaria. Swati Patankar (IITB) & N. Gogtay/U. Thatte (KEM)
  7. Trypsin de-adhesion assay as a high throughput tool for correlating cancer cell invasiveness with cell mechanical properties. Shamik Sen (IITB) & Pritha Ray (TMC)
  8. Development of a biodegradable nanovesicle in gel system for regional delivery of radio-sensitizing agents. Rinti Banerjee (IITB) & J. Shastri/V. Gota (TMC)
  9. Development of microfluidic device to understand sperm motility. Sameer Jadhav (IITB) & Priyanka Parte (NIRRH)
  10. Neuro-cognitive underpinning of co-morbidity between dyslexia and autism. A. Khan (IITB) & S. Desai (Drishti)
  11. Nanofibrous guided bone regeneration membrane for dental and orthopedic applications. J. Bellare (IITB) & Geeta Vanage (NIRRH)
  12. Design and development of a novel voice prosthesis. P. Gandhi (IITB) & Prashant Pawar (TMC)
  13. Genome and transcriptome analysis of Streptococcus pneumoniae during invasive pneumococcal disease. A. Banerjee (IITB) & N. Gogtay/U. Thatte/S. Karande (KEM)
  14. A network based experimental approach to investigating PSMD9 and PSMD10 Proteosomal chaperone mediated regulation of pro-apoptotic and pro-survival decisions. S. Chakraborty et al. (IITB) & P. Venkatraman (TMC)
  15. Design, synthesis and functional characterization of antimicrobial peptide analogues. K. V. Venkatesh et al. (IITB) & S. Thomas (NIRRH)
  16. Evaluation of Targeted Delivery of Nanopolymeric Microtubule Inhibitors Formulation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma SCID Mice Models. D. Panda et al. (IITB) & Sanjay Gupta (TMC)
  17. Comparison of levels of the tumour markers [Ca 15-3, Ca 125] in serum and saliva of patients with breast cancer. S. Mukherji et al. (IITB) & Deshmane/Ashavaid (Hinduja)
  18. Drug-nanoparticle combination for overcoming antibiotic resistance in Mycobacterium. R. Bandyopadhyaya (IITB) & C. Rodrigues (Hinduja)
  19. Microfluidics-based approach to on-demand fractionation of blood components.V. Gundabala (IITB) & V. Patel (NIRRH)
  20. Generation and expansion of Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T (CAR-T) cells for Adoptive cell therapy.R. Purwar (IITB) & G. Narula (TMH)
  21. Modeling malaria prevalence in Mumbai.S. Mukhopadyay (IITB) & N. Gogtay/U. Thatte (KEM)

Tata Center Healthtech Projects

  • Jaundice diagnostics in neonatal care.
  • Functional nanohybrids for cancer treatment.
  • Technology Options in addressing malnutrition.
  • Point-of-care Diagnostic for Osteoporosis.
  • Product for voice Prosthesis.
  • Non-invasive delivery of non-steroidal drugs.
  • Low cost bone graft for bone reconstruction.
  • Low cost point-of-care blood cell analysis.
  • Hemosorb - Haemostatic dressing for Trauma Care.
  • Development of a Point-of-care test for the detection of pathogens causing Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Home Based Nutrition Counseling Program.
  • Cervical Cancer Screening.
  • Microcrystalline Silicon Piezo-resistive sensor for foot plantar pressure gauge.
  • Upliftment of nutritional status of vulnerable population in Rajur, Taluka Akole, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra

Other Initiatives

  • National Cancer Grid
  • Workshops
    • MIT-IIT workshop on noninvasive and minimally invasive diagnostics.
    • InnAccel-IITB Biodesign workshop at D. Y. Patil.
  • Student driven projects
    • Objective is to build low cost MedTech devices.
    • Each project will have a IITB faculty + clinical mentors.
    • Up to 15 projects will be funded.

Facility Sharing

  • Facilities are listed at the consortium website:healthcare-research.iitb.ac.in
  • Shared facilities from the following partners are listed at this time: IITB, ACTREC, NIRRH and Span.
  • The IITB-ACTREC shuttle service operates on alternate wednesdays.
    • Seminar series

      Most recent:

      • July 26, 2013 - Dr. Rajiv Sarin, Director, ACTREC Challenges in T2 Translational Research: Bench to Bedside to Community!
      • Feb. 28, 2014 - Dr. Farokh Wadia, HN Reliance Hospital Clinical needs in paediatric orthopaedics.
      • Feb. 20, 2015 - Dr. Nitesh Chawla, Notre Dame Big Data for the Common Good: Being a Dataologist